Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dem Friend Site Promotions!

Behold--Rinaldo's comic site! Check it out, peeps! :D


Weslie's comic site!

Matt's comic site!

And I don't know her that well but I've exchanged dialogue with her on Twitter and like what she does so
Rebecca's comic site!  Oh, and she has another one, too!

Monday, October 8, 2012

My Old Works

I haven't forgotten about them! Redrawing the line and adding color for visual purposes (the purple background helps me see lines and color better):

I reorganized the layers and learned how to color over pixels a la staying-in-the-lines so I got rid of the colored line layers--I'll just perfect this current sketch layer and color over that (Lock transparent pixels command in the Layers toolbar).

The Weird Family Breakfast: Redoing background completely
Tea Time W/ Prinnies: Will probably redo background

  • Updated my website--added a Behance and LinkedIn pages.
  • Completing the meager 0.5%  ouy of the already done 99.5% on my super-secret-ninja contract job (Can't wait until it's done! Really pumped about it)
  • Made a new picture for my DeviantART account:


  • I'm willing to do commissions but...have no idea how to start. I'll check DeviantART forums and maybe advertise the way I originally planned (examples on my website, word of mouth, social networking sites, etc.)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dem Promotions

1) Terncraft Games just came out with their first mobile game, Thieving Tower. I'm working on a cool project with them and personally know the people who worked on this game--check it out:

2) I follow this guy's  Blogger page quite a bit and admire what he's setting out to do. Take a look at his pages and his fancy schmancy project. I don't know him personally but I still want to promote his site. :)

3) Another guy I don't know personally (although I'll probably try to abuse him on Steam someday) has a new Facebook page up. He's also has a deviantArt page where he has tutorials I've used in the past (the Wacom tutorial was a lifesaver when I first got my Bamboo Touch and Fun). He's got a graphic novel in the works that I have bookmarked and ready to read when it's finally out but in the mean time, I check his Tumblr page on occasion. :)

Update! - September 2012

So sorry to all two people who read this--I haven't been around but rest assured, I've yet to bite the dust. I have been busy with freelance work but I should probably update on stuff while I'm doing it (well in this case, I can't show pictures of things until the project is officially don't--disclosure agreement and all of that). Anyways:

-Changed website again. For some reason, I can't post images w/o a colored background/background period on the website. Want a clean yet sketchy kind of style. Can't wait until I'm able to afford a domain name! :)
 *will reconsider color scheme but blues will do for now
 *will reconsider arrangement of pictures once I get more art in. So far it's separated by fan art, life drawings and original digital work. I would love to start series of drawings (i.e. Weird Family Breakfast series, etc.)

-Applying for more jobs now--really utilizing the social networking capabilities of Twitter (and here I was going to delete my account there).

-My Bamboo tablet is being stubborn (eraser acts as a brush--usually when I restart Photoshop, that's enough to fix it but not now for some reason. Also, pen sensitivity is non-existent, a huge problem for me). I went to the Wacom website to see if there were new drivers I need to upload and the site's down for maintenance. Poop.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What I'm Doing With Myself - June/July 2012

-Managed to get two freelance projects--a huge deal for me. It's pretty much a miracle! Been juggling that and my part-time job so it's been fun on a bun. Late nights and computer troubles--like college except more rewarding. :)

-Something I need to get around to--cards. But I don't have a lot of money at the moment (I don't think it takes a lot of money, actually...)

-The only game I have time for is Pokemon Black/White--I can play it on the bus to/from work. Also, my friend just purchased it and I have someone to play online with (mulling over whether or not I should bother with Pokemon B/W 2)
 *Excited about Hawken at the end of this year. I always like mecha games--the feel of piloting a large, metal  beast to beat up opponents is fun. I remember playing Virtual On in the arcades a lot (I was always the pink girly robot because it was lighter and faster) and Hawken seems like it'd give me that experience! I signed up for the beta trial but nothing yet.

-Will need to update my site soon! Thinking of re-hauling the sucka. I'm glad I haven't bought a domain name just yet--I'm still not 100% satisfied with it. Torn between finding someone to make my site for me or just learning how to do it myself (I'm exploiting Adobe Creative Cloud and have access to stuff like Dreamweaver now)

-Considering a membership to the Art Museum of Orlando--you get access to museums all over the US. I really, really, really, really, really wanna travel.

Drawings to come soon, semi-scout's honor. <_<    >_>

Commission Status: OPEN

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scanner Troubles

It's not working for some reason...I didn't do as much as I wanted to but I had some rough sketches of an idea that hatched in mah brain. I'll either try to get this thing working or just redo them digitally. I have to go to work early so I gotta turn in--night, peoples. :0

Also, apparently Pixar is working on a movie called Wreck-It Ralph? Sounds interesting. Don't forget to catch Brave on June 22nd!

(I can understand why Brave took a while to come out---Merida's hair alone probably took years to tame...untame?)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Watching 2011 Thundercats.

Loving string cheese.

Seeing this and wishing I can go but realizing I'm far from ready.

Scanner won't work for some reason.

Sketching this:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Animation Project: Me Face

Was going to draw a bust but it became a little more's a slouching bust. Rough sketch, first pass:

...then the second pass...

Sketchy time, first pass:

Doesn't quite look like me but that's OK--doesn't really have to. I put the glasses in a different layer as well as the eyes and mouth since I'll be changing those up for the animation. I'll draw maybe two or four more for eyes/mouth and decide which speed I like the best. I found a site that makes .gif animation files for you--if all else fails, I can just put this in After Effects or something.

More Progress + Finally Done

Changing the background color to see if my outlines/colors are nice and perfect. Fixed the face fur a bit...still trying to figure out what's missing on the dog...not sure. Maybe more texture w/ the fur. I like to try to figure it out before I ask artist friends for advice. Argh! I'm obsessed with getting this one just right!!! >_<

Listening To: Birth of Cool (album) by Miles Davis

Purchased: a red headband (so I'll look cool when I go jogging)


Didn't go jogging because...I dunno. I'm lazy. Anyways, finished it:

May change the background but I found out what I thought was weird about it---I drew my friend w/ an outline and the dog without one (I typically use black outlines for everything). For my friend, her outline is colored to match the flat colors/shadows/highlights on her body and the dog was too fuzzy to really have an outline. Two different things. Well, I tried colored outlines for this piece right here:

But I dunno--I think the only thing that looks good here is Lord Beef Wellington III (The Lickitung for your Pokemon fans or the one w/ the big tongue for the people that have no idea what I'm talking about). I don't like the proportions on the Slowpoke (the pink hippo thing to the far right) and if I recall correctly, I didn't organize my layers properly. The doggie picture, I had a lot of layers and they were nice and organized. 

Anyways, I'm getting off topic. This one was fun and I hope to learn from my mistakes and draw again. Most important, I hope the post-birthday girl liked it. And...I have tons of friends with birthdays this month that I didn't know about/knew about and was too busy to make something. I feel crappy about it. -___-;

And let's not forget the other self/group projects I have.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Pushed A Little More

But I have to go to work so I'll finish up laters:

Added highlights and shadows to Nichu--still needs to be cleaned up. The dog is proving to be difficult---might redo the forehead fur completely. Not sure what to do w/ the background...

Reference photos:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthday Card: Big Surprise

I was productive--worked on some 3D animation/painting weights! Besides that, I want to finish this for tomorrow although I'll probably end up doing what I did for the Bekkstar drawing. Anyways:

Rough sketches...

I did two passes this time. Next, flat colors!

Then I decided to do a separate color for fur and clothes patterns (the neck/sleeve trim of her shirt):

I try to learn from each drawing and...there's always a lot to learn. I think the proportion of the darkened fur makes the dog's head look weird. Also, I wanted to try colored outlines again and playing with hues. Instead of just using black for her hair, I just darkened the mustardy color on her shirt (or her skin, I forget which color I used). Her sandals are also just a darkened brown. The dog's light fur is actual a light tan instead of just white. Anyways, I do a lot of tweaking and came close to just ragequitting but I'll stick it out. I added shadows in hope of rounding this lil' doggie out:

Not close to being done but it's shaping up. I'll work on the dog more first but I just wanted to post this to show I'm actually being productive! Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Get Organized!

I just realized that if for any reason, employers look here, they'll see how unorganized I am and all of my flaws. I was going to make a list of drawings I haven't finished--two come to mind (two featured on this very blog) but then I realized there's probably a bit more (READ a bit = a lot) that I haven't finished and I guess I'm supposed to make myself look good at all times.

Forget it. It's my blog:

-Lickitung/Pacole (might forget about for now)
-The Weird Family Breakfast (might change background/deciding on the style)
-Tea Time Nuri w/ Prinnies (gonna rehash the background, I think)
-Shirt idea for friend
-weekly sketches!!!!! (need a new smaller sketchbook. The big ones can be for bigger projects that I leave at home)

Drawing Projects
-graphic novel
-web comic (???)

-walk cycles (of a penguin, I think)

Group Projects (Animation)

I have so much I want to do. I'm not sure if I'm trying to learn how to fly before I crawl here or what but man. I had an interview last week and then went out of town for Easter---when I have something big like an interview going on, I tend to ignore everything else and focus on that one thing--which is bad. I need to learn to multitask.

I made a postcard for a friend--picked up watercolors for the first time in a while. I don't like how it turned out so I'll probably redo it but I'll post what I have in a sec. Or maybe tomorrow. <_<;

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Fun on a bun! I'm extremely proud of this and more could be done to it but I did learn a lot from my mistakes and tried some new things so my regrets are minimal/non-existent. Still, I'm very proud of this and I don't have an exact reason why--I want to show everyone I know this which is actually unlike me.

Onward to finishing more projects! :D

...or more tomfoolery (inspiration)!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh Mah Guudness

I can't believe my lame fan art actually made it to the gallery--he's really nice to his fans:

by Micheal "Mookie" Terracciano. Check it out from start to finish!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Still Working/Sidetracked

Sidetracked with:

Working on this still:

Trying to clean up the line quality (is a bit tedious). Trying to improve on the way I typically do these sorts of drawings. :p

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Silver Moon Creations

For all the three people that read this, check out my friend's Etsy shop. She makes girly things...and what not. But I'm proud of her so I'm advertising it here!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Used Gimp For The First Time!

And I'm getting the hang of it. I miss having the toolbox and the work space linked and the Navigator feature Photoshop has but I like it otherwise. I worked on a birthday card for someone yesterday. Reference pictures for this:

I didn't quite finish but I showed what I had. Started out with blue lines for sketchy times, as usual:

Made notes for accessories on the side (I think I forgot a few things, even). This one will be challenging but challenges are good, right? Anyways, I drew lines:

Had to redo these twice--I still plan to go back and change the face (I'm worried it doesn't look feminine enough. Also, I just got some of the facial proportions wrong). Okay, okay--flat color's next (usually my favorite part)

Adding color helps me see stuff better--I also added a colored background just to see if the white covered parts completely---I don't intended to use this monochromatic background for long (it'd be nice to draw a plane/Macross mobie suit in the background or a docking port or something.) Anyways, I added more layers after that:

Layers: Shadows, Visor, Makeup (yes, makeup)--I still need Highlights, though. More later this morning before I go to work! Not finished but I won't lie--I'm feelin' smug. There's a lot that needs to be done to this!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Updated My Site

At last!

I'll be doing more art works now and today, I think I'll try some 2D animation to add to my arsenal! :O

As for 3D...I'll have to borrow an external hard drive to bring my Maya stuff from my laptop to my desktop and work with my old characters and/or download some free rigs from CGTalk (I used Bloke and lot and messed around with the Andy rig a bit)

My newest drawing on deviantART

I'm thinking one drawing a day/week and one project a month (project: animation or any drawing with multiple characters and elaborate drawing, like The Weird Family Breakfast thing).

Monday, February 27, 2012

New Finds in Art & Music

And by 'finds' I mean, friends told me about them or I found them from deviantART users' profiles. Anywho:

-Artist Deth P. Sun
-Animated graphic novel The Art of Pho
-Musician Jose Gonzalez

Good stuff, check it out.  :)

P.S. Secret of Arrietty is a visually stunning movie with a lovable story. Miyazaki never fails with his painterly depictions of nature and neat characters.

The Weird Family Breakfast - Some More

Decided to start getting to work on this one (although I do have more ideas but I'm supposed to be working on doing stuff one at a time so, yesh!). So I don't recall if I mentioned this the last time but I wanted to add an actual background instead of something wallpaperish. Rough sketch:

I sketched out a, pinkprint of the kitchen to figure out their positioning in respect to everything else. Even though this is a drawing, I have no eye for interior decorating. Here's some flat colors:

Going for a salmon/pink theme for semi-obvious reasons. It was going to be all pink but I decided that'd be too much for my/anyone's eyes so I decided to throw in a blue-green color. Makes me think of ice cream. For lines, I may add none or vague colored ones to really make the characters pop out and make the foreground imagery really strong. I need to work on their highlights and shadows more, too. 

I don't remember if I've ever posted my deviantART account on here bu here it is. I should/will be putting more pieces and sketches here but sometimes I forget and put it here instead. My deviantArt page-enjoy! :)