Monday, September 26, 2011

Art Blog Acquired

A while back, actually--a really good friend who likes to assist me with artistic endeavors showed me this one. It's called The Forbidden Planet and it's actually more of a comic/TV/movie blog but I'm just looking at the cover art and occasionally the articles (I always spell 'occasion' wrong--I keep forgetting if there's two Ss and/or two Cs.). The Wonder Woman cover up for today is amazing--also, there's a comic called Tuk Tuk but the style is very interesting!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


-Decided to organize days into one caricature, project, and animation per week (didn't I already post this? If so, well...I'm posting this anyways to help remind myself). For any paying projects I have, I'll make those top priority. I plan to use Google Calendars specifically for art stuff--I'll get around to it *whistles innocently*
-Speaking of which, I actually have a gig--wooooooo! The contract is being signed and stuff and as soon as I get what I need I can start this week! :)
-Decided to draw the kitchen for The Weird Family Breakfast--the lack of background is very distracting.

I haven't touched my site in ages---I want to make another section for my art commissions (which is where the drawings come in). At any rate, I need to focus on this paying project! Yeah yeah yeah yeaaaaaaaaah! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Project: The Weird Family Breakfast PART THREE

Finished flat coloring (may change some colors later) and now I'm doing what I said I'd do and add a separate Texture layer--the only thing in it right now is the trim along Fish Mom's coat collar and the plaid pattern:

I want a plaid pattern like last time but I'm unable to find a high-rest frontal of a coat with a plaid pattern to find exactly how it'd alternate from sleeves to the body. I tried Googling 'pea coats' but there are next to no plaid ones--I've tried 'plaid jackets' but the pictures usually aren't big enough or they're the plaid with the big, thick stripes which is what I don't want. Perhaps I'm nitpicking over little things...for now, I'm just drawing it and I'll take a look at what it looks like when I'm done.

Also, I made the background purple because it's a color that starkly contrasts to everything else; it also helps me see if there were gaps I didn't color in properly.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Speed painting digitally

I think this person uses one layer the entire's hard to tell since it's sped up but anyways, this is impressive:

Friday, September 16, 2011





I've been spending too much time on this; I feel if I want to go back and change stuff, I simply can. For now, I guess it's not too bad (that was difficult to say). Onward to The Family Breakfast. Also, I have an idea for an animated 2D short that I should start working on, too---I have the sketches and stuff, might scan them laters.

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Wacom Gadget: Inkling

When I heard of the Inkling, I quickly dismissed it--but once I saw the video, I was mesmerized:

The only possible downside is that it seems that you have to start a new layer and draw only what you want in that layer. When I draw in my sketchbook, I don't really like doing it that'd be annoying to have to learn. Still, my drawings come out better when I do them on paper as opposed to straight on the computer (I always scan a sketch then draw off that)

Choco Gurenn Lagann progress: Working on background--taking a while
The Weird Family Breakfast progress: Coloring
T-shirt idea: Didn't do but maybe I'll do it just for myself

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fixated on the Not So Important: Choco Gurren Lagen

On the kick of redrawing my old art, I wanted to redo my deviantID for a was pretty crappy:

I did this pretty quick and this was my working on inking drawings then scanning them--they always turn out all pixelated which looks bad. I believe the original drawing was way smaller than this so that's probably another reason. Anyways, there are tons of thing wrong with this so...let's just forget about it. Anyways, I made another sketch:

Trying to work with line thickness and depth...the right foot still looks too bold--I think I may thin out some edges laters. Anyways, I added color:

then shadows:

then highlights:

then light sources, the body shadow and an emblem (which I may dump laters):

Here are the photos I used for reference:

1) Sogeking (from One Piece series)

2) Kamina (from Toppa Gurren Lagann series)

I like the gradient deal w/ Kamina's background and but the gradient feature in Photoshop is limited and would make the chocobo look flat anyways. I may just do it by hand or find something else. My original idea was to have Choco Gurren Lagann outside with clouds like the Sogeking drawing above but honestly...I just forget, hah. I'll find something I'm happy with in time...I really need to get to The Weird Family Breakfast.

SIDE NOTE: My friend Tim suggested that I overlay a gradient. I tried it and it looks pretty cool. Still, I'm going to mess around with even more stuff to finalize this picture. Tim's deviantART page will be posted below and he's a talented artist who does commissions and stuff. Please give him money to draw stuff for you:

Monday, September 5, 2011

What's On My Plate

I get overwhelmed and new ideas pretty fast and jump to them w/o finishing stuff--here's what I have to work with so far:

-Caricature sketch of two of my friends (for website)
-The Weird Family Breakfast remake
-The Weird Family Breakfast: Waffles remake

-My devaintID pic (Kaminaesque chocobo) remake [worked on this yesterday]
-Pokemon Team Pink: Pacole & Lickitung
-Prinny Tea Time

For the front of my webpage, I'll have a collection of my various work--I'll just pick stuff from what I'm working on now instead of making something separate for it. I'm thinking of scheduling different stuff for each day so I can finish a lot all at once--I need to learn to be fast but efficient. Blaaaaaargh.  XP

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I've Been Drawing, Honest!

I've just been too lazy to scan. More to come soon! :O