Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dem Promotions

1) Terncraft Games just came out with their first mobile game, Thieving Tower. I'm working on a cool project with them and personally know the people who worked on this game--check it out:

2) I follow this guy's  Blogger page quite a bit and admire what he's setting out to do. Take a look at his pages and his fancy schmancy project. I don't know him personally but I still want to promote his site. :)

3) Another guy I don't know personally (although I'll probably try to abuse him on Steam someday) has a new Facebook page up. He's also has a deviantArt page where he has tutorials I've used in the past (the Wacom tutorial was a lifesaver when I first got my Bamboo Touch and Fun). He's got a graphic novel in the works that I have bookmarked and ready to read when it's finally out but in the mean time, I check his Tumblr page on occasion. :)

Update! - September 2012

So sorry to all two people who read this--I haven't been around but rest assured, I've yet to bite the dust. I have been busy with freelance work but I should probably update on stuff while I'm doing it (well in this case, I can't show pictures of things until the project is officially don't--disclosure agreement and all of that). Anyways:

-Changed website again. For some reason, I can't post images w/o a colored background/background period on the website. Want a clean yet sketchy kind of style. Can't wait until I'm able to afford a domain name! :)
 *will reconsider color scheme but blues will do for now
 *will reconsider arrangement of pictures once I get more art in. So far it's separated by fan art, life drawings and original digital work. I would love to start series of drawings (i.e. Weird Family Breakfast series, etc.)

-Applying for more jobs now--really utilizing the social networking capabilities of Twitter (and here I was going to delete my account there).

-My Bamboo tablet is being stubborn (eraser acts as a brush--usually when I restart Photoshop, that's enough to fix it but not now for some reason. Also, pen sensitivity is non-existent, a huge problem for me). I went to the Wacom website to see if there were new drivers I need to upload and the site's down for maintenance. Poop.