Friday, April 27, 2012

Watching 2011 Thundercats.

Loving string cheese.

Seeing this and wishing I can go but realizing I'm far from ready.

Scanner won't work for some reason.

Sketching this:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Animation Project: Me Face

Was going to draw a bust but it became a little more's a slouching bust. Rough sketch, first pass:

...then the second pass...

Sketchy time, first pass:

Doesn't quite look like me but that's OK--doesn't really have to. I put the glasses in a different layer as well as the eyes and mouth since I'll be changing those up for the animation. I'll draw maybe two or four more for eyes/mouth and decide which speed I like the best. I found a site that makes .gif animation files for you--if all else fails, I can just put this in After Effects or something.

More Progress + Finally Done

Changing the background color to see if my outlines/colors are nice and perfect. Fixed the face fur a bit...still trying to figure out what's missing on the dog...not sure. Maybe more texture w/ the fur. I like to try to figure it out before I ask artist friends for advice. Argh! I'm obsessed with getting this one just right!!! >_<

Listening To: Birth of Cool (album) by Miles Davis

Purchased: a red headband (so I'll look cool when I go jogging)


Didn't go jogging because...I dunno. I'm lazy. Anyways, finished it:

May change the background but I found out what I thought was weird about it---I drew my friend w/ an outline and the dog without one (I typically use black outlines for everything). For my friend, her outline is colored to match the flat colors/shadows/highlights on her body and the dog was too fuzzy to really have an outline. Two different things. Well, I tried colored outlines for this piece right here:

But I dunno--I think the only thing that looks good here is Lord Beef Wellington III (The Lickitung for your Pokemon fans or the one w/ the big tongue for the people that have no idea what I'm talking about). I don't like the proportions on the Slowpoke (the pink hippo thing to the far right) and if I recall correctly, I didn't organize my layers properly. The doggie picture, I had a lot of layers and they were nice and organized. 

Anyways, I'm getting off topic. This one was fun and I hope to learn from my mistakes and draw again. Most important, I hope the post-birthday girl liked it. And...I have tons of friends with birthdays this month that I didn't know about/knew about and was too busy to make something. I feel crappy about it. -___-;

And let's not forget the other self/group projects I have.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Pushed A Little More

But I have to go to work so I'll finish up laters:

Added highlights and shadows to Nichu--still needs to be cleaned up. The dog is proving to be difficult---might redo the forehead fur completely. Not sure what to do w/ the background...

Reference photos:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthday Card: Big Surprise

I was productive--worked on some 3D animation/painting weights! Besides that, I want to finish this for tomorrow although I'll probably end up doing what I did for the Bekkstar drawing. Anyways:

Rough sketches...

I did two passes this time. Next, flat colors!

Then I decided to do a separate color for fur and clothes patterns (the neck/sleeve trim of her shirt):

I try to learn from each drawing and...there's always a lot to learn. I think the proportion of the darkened fur makes the dog's head look weird. Also, I wanted to try colored outlines again and playing with hues. Instead of just using black for her hair, I just darkened the mustardy color on her shirt (or her skin, I forget which color I used). Her sandals are also just a darkened brown. The dog's light fur is actual a light tan instead of just white. Anyways, I do a lot of tweaking and came close to just ragequitting but I'll stick it out. I added shadows in hope of rounding this lil' doggie out:

Not close to being done but it's shaping up. I'll work on the dog more first but I just wanted to post this to show I'm actually being productive! Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Get Organized!

I just realized that if for any reason, employers look here, they'll see how unorganized I am and all of my flaws. I was going to make a list of drawings I haven't finished--two come to mind (two featured on this very blog) but then I realized there's probably a bit more (READ a bit = a lot) that I haven't finished and I guess I'm supposed to make myself look good at all times.

Forget it. It's my blog:

-Lickitung/Pacole (might forget about for now)
-The Weird Family Breakfast (might change background/deciding on the style)
-Tea Time Nuri w/ Prinnies (gonna rehash the background, I think)
-Shirt idea for friend
-weekly sketches!!!!! (need a new smaller sketchbook. The big ones can be for bigger projects that I leave at home)

Drawing Projects
-graphic novel
-web comic (???)

-walk cycles (of a penguin, I think)

Group Projects (Animation)

I have so much I want to do. I'm not sure if I'm trying to learn how to fly before I crawl here or what but man. I had an interview last week and then went out of town for Easter---when I have something big like an interview going on, I tend to ignore everything else and focus on that one thing--which is bad. I need to learn to multitask.

I made a postcard for a friend--picked up watercolors for the first time in a while. I don't like how it turned out so I'll probably redo it but I'll post what I have in a sec. Or maybe tomorrow. <_<;

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Fun on a bun! I'm extremely proud of this and more could be done to it but I did learn a lot from my mistakes and tried some new things so my regrets are minimal/non-existent. Still, I'm very proud of this and I don't have an exact reason why--I want to show everyone I know this which is actually unlike me.

Onward to finishing more projects! :D

...or more tomfoolery (inspiration)!