Monday, February 27, 2012

New Finds in Art & Music

And by 'finds' I mean, friends told me about them or I found them from deviantART users' profiles. Anywho:

-Artist Deth P. Sun
-Animated graphic novel The Art of Pho
-Musician Jose Gonzalez

Good stuff, check it out.  :)

P.S. Secret of Arrietty is a visually stunning movie with a lovable story. Miyazaki never fails with his painterly depictions of nature and neat characters.

The Weird Family Breakfast - Some More

Decided to start getting to work on this one (although I do have more ideas but I'm supposed to be working on doing stuff one at a time so, yesh!). So I don't recall if I mentioned this the last time but I wanted to add an actual background instead of something wallpaperish. Rough sketch:

I sketched out a, pinkprint of the kitchen to figure out their positioning in respect to everything else. Even though this is a drawing, I have no eye for interior decorating. Here's some flat colors:

Going for a salmon/pink theme for semi-obvious reasons. It was going to be all pink but I decided that'd be too much for my/anyone's eyes so I decided to throw in a blue-green color. Makes me think of ice cream. For lines, I may add none or vague colored ones to really make the characters pop out and make the foreground imagery really strong. I need to work on their highlights and shadows more, too. 

I don't remember if I've ever posted my deviantART account on here bu here it is. I should/will be putting more pieces and sketches here but sometimes I forget and put it here instead. My deviantArt page-enjoy! :)