Monday, October 8, 2012

My Old Works

I haven't forgotten about them! Redrawing the line and adding color for visual purposes (the purple background helps me see lines and color better):

I reorganized the layers and learned how to color over pixels a la staying-in-the-lines so I got rid of the colored line layers--I'll just perfect this current sketch layer and color over that (Lock transparent pixels command in the Layers toolbar).

The Weird Family Breakfast: Redoing background completely
Tea Time W/ Prinnies: Will probably redo background

  • Updated my website--added a Behance and LinkedIn pages.
  • Completing the meager 0.5%  ouy of the already done 99.5% on my super-secret-ninja contract job (Can't wait until it's done! Really pumped about it)
  • Made a new picture for my DeviantART account:


  • I'm willing to do commissions but...have no idea how to start. I'll check DeviantART forums and maybe advertise the way I originally planned (examples on my website, word of mouth, social networking sites, etc.)