Thursday, July 28, 2011 was doing a special--if I bought the Premium package by yesterday, I'd be paying less annually for my website for a year. Even though payments are monthly, I always worry that they'd take the whole amount out of my account just then (I made sure to use Paypal) but I decided against it. I didn't have enough for even one monthly payment and even if I pay less for a year, I'd need to pay the regular price the next year so why bother?

Anywho, this is what I drew on the bus/in the lounge before work. This first picture is my WFB w/ tea time but I've decided against it for the time being.

I'm playing with a new look for my reverse merman; instead of jeans and galoshes, I'm having him wear those galoshes-overall things. This is what I wanted him to wear from the beginning but for some reason, I decided on jeans.

So I've decided on penguins attack a reverse mermaid in ballet for my home page drawing--pretty excited about it. I got home late so I shouldn't really be working on anything--I have work early tomorrow so I need to go to bed.  :\

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ideas for Home Page Art

  1. My Weird Family Breakfast characters all dressed up and having tea
  2. Sequential poses of Fish Mom (Weird Family Breakfast) doing ballet
  3. Sequential poses of rabbit
  4. Sequential poses of penguins pirouetting (a la Disgaea)
Thinking the sequential drawings will be better; they showcase drawing and animation aspects at the same time.   :)

     Weird Family Breakfast was a combination of characters I created for my Animation class; the child and monster are from my first group animated short and the reverse mermaid was actually a male character I made for my Intro to Animation class. Out of boredom I drew this:

A bit sloppy but I liked the charm of it--I decided to go with the breakfast theme using these characters; only a few of these WFBs made the cut for my site, this one excluded, because you have to show your best, right?

AC: Pokemon Pal

First off:

AC = Art Challenge

A friend of mine asked me to draw a picture of me with my favorite Pokemon. Being the fanatic that I am, I found it hard to just choose one but I think I've come to settle on one. I'm a fan of weird-looking Pokemon and Lickitung has to be one of the weirdest Pokemon I've come across. Definitely in the Underused Tier, he has a mediocre move set but being a Normal type, he can learn a vari--um, I should stay on topic. Anyways, here's the basic sketch:

I darkened it so I could see the lines better--doesn't really have to look glamorous. Next I traced it w/ my wacom. I like using the color blue. I also make a background layer and change the color to white:

I decided to do one character at a time so I'll start with the Pokemon; I realize that the drawing itself is a little off; my Lickitung's (named Lord Beef Wellington III, Wellington for short) feet are positioned weird and his arms aren't the same shape. I realized this way later on but managed to fix it up--for the sake of making me look good, let's say I caught it right away and fixed it when I went to draw the lines. I'm trying to shy away from simple, black lines and experimenting with colored ones:

I then add in color; I try to make the outlines darker than the base color so it'll show up but not stick out that much:

I don't like the way the eyes look; the eyebrow aren't actual eyebrows by the way--they're markings (that's why I didn't draw them in the line portion); Lickitungs have black eyes that are rounded and beady w/ a white shine in them but I thought I'd try a dark brown. I'm not satisfied with them and felt it'd probably look better when I add the shadow/highlight layer:

I'm not fully done with this layer but I wanted to post what I have so far; I'm selecting the color w/ the Drop tool and darkening the color for the shadows--it's not as easy as simply coloring black shadows and turning down the Opacity (maybe I should have done that...oh well). For now, the light source is simply above. Hopefully I'll get the eyes looking better...

Goals: Website

  • Decide on whether or not I should have a Home page; I feel it's pointless because the main purpose of a home page is to host the tabs for different pages--I suppose it's also like the cover of the book (maybe I'm just being lazy). 
    • If I do make a home page, I need to decide what drawing to put on it--I know I want to make one especially for it but I have several ideas so...I'll have to choose and act right away
  • Make a drawing for the Contacts page; added this blog so I could have something to add other than my e-mail (didn't feel good about leaving my phone number on a website)
  • Make a 2D animation; will do frames via wacom tablet in Photoshop and compile them in After Effects--will add some variety (and 2D animation is what I wanted to do in the first place)
  • Finalize a color scheme
  • Save up money to buy domain name and get rid of ads
    • Decide on a domain name (torn between using my full name to be easier or something cool/weird)