Saturday, March 8, 2014

Finally finished it (after, a billion years):

Been busy with work and video games as of late. I also have a page on Tumblr that I primarily use for a webcomic but haven't tended to in a while. Currently, I've been doing short animations in Photoshop for fun. I really enjoyed doing them in the comic so I've focused on doing just those. I managed to find The Animator's Survival Guide---I thought I lost it but I didn't. <3 It's come in handy---I recently worked on a run cycle I didn't quite like so now I'll revisit it and see what I can do to improve. I'll post those animations in a bit.

Some ideas for another Weird Family. Meet Olivia and her parents:

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summa Summa Summa Tiiiiiime (Summer Time)

What I've been up to:
-Got a job doing graphic design/3D-type things (hurray---no more job searches. I was going crazy). Learning a new program called Cinema 4D. Similar to 3DS Max and Maya but it's a matter of learning the placement of the buttons and what not.
-I have a desk which is new. I personalized it with some sexy action figures (a dreadlocked penguin and a cactus dog w/ a soccer ball).
-I need more polo shirts

Managing my time will be a massive challenge. I also need to come up with a stricter way to manage funds. Between Manny (the car my sister passed on to me) and my poor eating habits, I'll need to be more militant about what I spend. I want to make sure I'm paying back loans and all of that good stuff! So, I'll need a:

1) Planner (a notebook will do for now). Maybe one for money and another for time. Tempted to use the Calendar feature on Google but maybe it's a bit weird to put monetary stuff online. I mean, the government probably already knows way more about me than I'd like but it's best to make them work for it, lest they think I'm easy or something. :|

2) Budget: I have a loose idea of what I'll be making and my biggest vices are:
 a) Food (particularly junk food although I am collecting pizza boxes to make this--samurai armor <3)
 b) Video Games (but rarely nowadays--I mostly spend more money on food.)

I guess I should keep track of what I buy---look at bank statements online and get to know my vices and whittle them down to size.

-Excited for some friends that are coming over---three peeps that I made good friends with online. Need a vacuum cleaner to get the stink of bachelor out (just cleaned out the bathtub today. My sister would be so proud! :D )
-Ants. Everywhere. Well, just on my computer table in the living room (I dislike when they crawl up on my screen while I'm working). What the heckBob. And the exterminators came by last week...maybe it's the weather, I dunno. I'm not too mad---this place is significantly better than my last place. Ants > Roaches every time. Plus the staff's really kind. :)

-Finished a commission for my sis. I'm happy about it and won't post it on deviantART until the gift has been delivered!
-Working on some projects for some friends--one is video game assets and another is an animated music video (<3) with someone I wanted to work with for a whiiiiiiiiiiile. :D
-Excited for the progress of my contract home base, Terncraft Games---they're putting their noses to the grindstone and finishin' up their latest game! Even though I had nothing to do with it, it looks really good and has a lot of potential!

-Visit penguins in their natural habitat
-Go to a game conference
-Get a web comic up and going
-Use my art spectacularly for God's kingdom
-Make a successfully innovative indie game <3
-Build a robot
-Attend a cheese and wine party
-Meet a lot of my online friends!
-Learn some freakin' Flash already! >_<
-Something else

Friday, March 22, 2013

Developments: A Lighthearted Game!


It's called A Lighthearted Game, our studio's brainchild from the Global Game Jam I blogged about a few months ago. It's actually out-out, for reals--like, you can buy it and everything! The platforms it's out on now:

Windows Phone
Google Play
Nook App Market

They're shootin' for some other places soon and I'll update laters on but for now, check out some screenshots:

YAY! I don't really know what else to say! :) :) :) :) :) :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 2013 Update

Um, I guess it's OK to write about life stuff here. I'm allowed, right? I mean, it's my blog so, yeah. Plus, only one person reads this so whatevers. I'm a fan of lists 'cause it gets right down to business:

Career Stuffs
-Learning about freelance work for the business my buddies and I are trying to put together; may have my first job! Yay! Actually talking about it on Skype right now--how businessy! :D
-I kind of don't want to apply for jobs that have nothing to do with my interests/major anymore. I know sometimes you have to buckle down but I'll be just as unhappy as I am now. I should look for jobs that are within my scope and trust that God will provide for me. Besides, shelter and food and water are basics God guarantees us. I'm a lily, baby.

-Been working on stuff I've put off for the longest; it's hard but rewarding--I love the pressure of trying to better myself
-Learned that I'm not that big on experimenting with pen tip sizes

-Bossanova <3

-Older sis is getting married in May :)
-Younger sister is moving to Oregon on Thursday (which is why I'm moving out--we roomed together). We never hung out every waking moment but I feel we have an understanding. It was great having her here for support. I wonder if I was helpful to her while she was here...

-Moving on Friday to Altamonte Springs--I'll be closer to my part-time job and church so that's nice. Also, I've never really explored the Altamonte area and I'll be living with my middle/high school buddy so it'll be a new experience for me!
-I'm used to moving into an apartment with someone--taking over stuff like utilities and stuff is new to me (apparently I have to call ahead of time to have it turned on)

-Want to go to Megacon 2013 but not sure if I can afford it (actually, I think rent is cheaper than I thought so maybe I can!); Patrick Stewart will be there (autographs are $85 but I wasn't planning on getting one anyway)
-I'll have a car by Friday o__o

-Bought a Bible study that's teaching me about how to take dominion over aspects of my life and be all manly. Not lumberjack manly--just decent human being manly. Which is good enough for me. Plus logs can give you splinters

-Doing I plan to really start eating properly on March (rice & beans diet) because I need to 1) pinch pennies for rent and 2) in general to save up for...stuff *shrugs*

Monday, February 25, 2013

Female Commission Samples

I've noticed a lot of people (read: two) asking me if I can draw animals for possible commissions. I told them yes but now I don't know what to charge for them. Depending on the animal, it won't be as difficult (or may be more difficult) to draw so I'm stumped. Anyways, here are the samples I drew to add to my deviantART account:

Half body

Full body

And full body color!

I didn't do a monochromatic one--yet. I'll add it later along w/ more samples. Stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Weird Family Breakfast: Part Duex

Nothing much to show--perfecting the lines for the background and worked on the floor tiles. I'm gonna throw a lot of shadows and highlights on there and I need to decide where the light source will be.

Well, I guess it'd either be a) a window or something off panel and/or b) a light, usu. overheard.

Let's keep it simple and stick with Option B.

Here's what I have so far:

Going with colored outlines for the background and black outlines for the foreground (may change my mind and use dark colored outlines for the foreground section). I still have a lot of line cleanup to go before I tackle shadows & highlights. I also want to brighten up the background--maybe a lighter color of pink (supposed to be salmon for obvious reasons).

I think I'll take a break and draw something else for fun! I need to finish up the girl sketch for sure! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

I felt I need more than just one example for caricatures so this time I'm drawing a female. This is a made up character, based off of no one other than my imagination. What I've got so far:

Rounding figure out:

Decided to change her post a bit and make it more dynamic. Also decided to give her a skirt because I don't draw those a lot:
I don't want to draw the outline of her hair because I feel like that'll be decided w/ the the color layer:

Google Pics O' Inspiration: