Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 2013 Update

Um, I guess it's OK to write about life stuff here. I'm allowed, right? I mean, it's my blog so, yeah. Plus, only one person reads this so whatevers. I'm a fan of lists 'cause it gets right down to business:

Career Stuffs
-Learning about freelance work for the business my buddies and I are trying to put together; may have my first job! Yay! Actually talking about it on Skype right now--how businessy! :D
-I kind of don't want to apply for jobs that have nothing to do with my interests/major anymore. I know sometimes you have to buckle down but I'll be just as unhappy as I am now. I should look for jobs that are within my scope and trust that God will provide for me. Besides, shelter and food and water are basics God guarantees us. I'm a lily, baby.

-Been working on stuff I've put off for the longest; it's hard but rewarding--I love the pressure of trying to better myself
-Learned that I'm not that big on experimenting with pen tip sizes

-Bossanova <3

-Older sis is getting married in May :)
-Younger sister is moving to Oregon on Thursday (which is why I'm moving out--we roomed together). We never hung out every waking moment but I feel we have an understanding. It was great having her here for support. I wonder if I was helpful to her while she was here...

-Moving on Friday to Altamonte Springs--I'll be closer to my part-time job and church so that's nice. Also, I've never really explored the Altamonte area and I'll be living with my middle/high school buddy so it'll be a new experience for me!
-I'm used to moving into an apartment with someone--taking over stuff like utilities and stuff is new to me (apparently I have to call ahead of time to have it turned on)

-Want to go to Megacon 2013 but not sure if I can afford it (actually, I think rent is cheaper than I thought so maybe I can!); Patrick Stewart will be there (autographs are $85 but I wasn't planning on getting one anyway)
-I'll have a car by Friday o__o

-Bought a Bible study that's teaching me about how to take dominion over aspects of my life and be all manly. Not lumberjack manly--just decent human being manly. Which is good enough for me. Plus logs can give you splinters

-Doing myfitnesspal.com. I plan to really start eating properly on March (rice & beans diet) because I need to 1) pinch pennies for rent and 2) in general to save up for...stuff *shrugs*

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